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Everyone can use the softwar and start hacking into nearby wireless networks with one click and in few minutes, because of the simplicity, even a child can use it!

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No software is faster than wifi hacker 2016,due to the speed of our servers and algorithms, you can get any wireless networks password in just few minutes, . Try it and feel the awesomeness. It is totally free. Stay cool!

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Our software is checked with many anti-virus programs before being delivered to our clients. No need to worry about your security and your anonymity.


If you are in a total strange place, you dont need to change anything, you can still hack wifi networks with a single click.

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How it works?

how to hack wifi password

Step 1

  • Download free wifi hacker 2016 from our website.
  • Open wifihacker2016.exe
  • Features that you will encounter after opening the software
    1. Encrypt my connection.
    2. Inject with frOzr mode.
    3. Secure my IP address.
    4. Man in the middle attack.
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Step 2

As mentioned above, you will find four different features in the hacking software. You can choose the desired feature that you want before you start using the software. Detailed description is shown below:

Encrypt my local network:

Your safety is our priority Before you start hacking, it's recommended to check this feature. This helps to encrypt your network, and guarantee your full anonymity and security. 

break wifi password
Secure my IP Address:

This feature allows you to hide your IP address before you start hacking new networks. It's important to check this option since it connects you with our servers first. The operation is done automatically.This option is inevitable to start hacking networks and to hide your ip adress.

wifi password cracker

Step 3

Check the above mentioned features and hit Scan button. By clicking on this button, wifi hacker starts searching for your neighbors wireless networks. The bar below will indicate the progress of operation. Once it's done,all the available networks will be shown under the WLAN Networks area.
crack wifi password

Step 4

Afterwards, select the desired network you want to hack and hit Hack It button. The WiFi hacker 2016 starts its operation as soon as you hit the button.
WiFi unlocker
That's it!

Once the progress bar is full, it means that the network is hacked and you will get the password of the network and you will be able to connect to that network. Enjoy free internet !

If you have any problem or any concern related with our software,the most general error occurs due to the out of date version. So first we advice you to try updating wifi hacker 2016 to the latest version. If you still encounters with the problem, leave a comment under the comments section or contact us via e-mail support@wifi-geek.com! wifi hacker
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Android and iOS version for the wifi hacker 2016

We are working on a mobile version that supports Android and for iOS. It will be available soon on your mobile.

WiFi Hacker 2016 Statistics

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In just one click and few minutes, your software gets the job done so easily. It's the best and the fastest software on internet, no other software can beat wifi hacker 2016. Hacking networks is a task that seemed so impossible few years ago cause of the very high security used on every network, now wifi hack is as easy as pie thanks to our software. Alvaro L. Rodriguez

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I prefer to call the software wifi unlocker or wifi cracker then Hacker because it unlocks the nearest available networks to you. It looks like a better name for me. I gave lot of suggestions to the administration to improve the software experience, hope the team update it soon. Anyway, it is an amazing software and I recommend every person who looks for free internet to try it. Daniel Mahler

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Being a VP myself, why do I go after a free to use software since I can afford a high speed Internet connection myself one might ask. But more than me using the WiFi hacker, I wanted to give it a try and see if it really fulfills the promise that’s been showcased here. And much to my surprise. the expectations on this tool has been met with ease. I will be very proud to promote this tool myself. Thanks to David and Robert for providing me the opportunity to test this great program. Jose Boucher

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Some facts about our hacking software

Wifi hack 2016 being best on the market doesn’t prove anything, it is better to try it by yourself and leave us a testimonial about the software
Wherever you go you will have access to free internet. This is a really rare chance that from a single click, this software will let you make your rich neighbors wifi networks all yours.
It's very important not to use the software in an abusive manner or to violate the rules and regulations, try to use it less than twice a day and make sure that mask ip feature is checked.
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